Product Information

Made from 100% polyester and G2M fabric, your athlete can compete with the comfort and style of the Accelerate jacket.

Sample Program

Use GTM's sample program to discover color, style, size, and more! We send a range of sizes in your team colors and include a prepaid return shipping label so the entire process is completely free. Return your samples within 30 days and call your sales representative to order.

Product Specs

100% Polyester, G2M® Performance Lining, Imported, Item Number: 1712TU, Item Number: 1712TL, Item Number: 1712TY,
  • 100% Polyester
  • G2M® Performance Lining
  • Imported
  • Item Number: 1712TU(Men)
  • Item Number: 1712TL(Women)
  • Item Number: 1712TY(Youth)