Product Information

There’s a reason Double-Knit is a classic. With a mix of comfort, stretch and durability, your cheerleaders can perform at their best.

Sample Program

Use GTM's sample program to discover color, style, size, and more! We send a range of sizes in your team colors and include a prepaid return shipping label so the entire process is completely free. Return your samples within 30 days and call your sales representative to order.

Product Specs

100% Double Knit Polyester, Polyester/Spandex Active Stretch Back, 1" Side Seams for Easy Alterations, Imported, Item Number: 1120TL, Item Number: 1120TG,
  • 100% Double Knit Polyester
  • Polyester/Spandex Active Stretch Back
  • 1" Side Seams for Easy Alterations
  • Imported
  • Item Number: 1120TL(Women)
  • Item Number: 1120TG(Girls)

Slit Front Skirt

  • 100% Double Knit Polyester
  • 1" Side Seams for Easy Alterations
  • Two-button Adjustable Waist
  • Elastic Comfort Waistband
  • Imported
  • Item Number: 1120BL (Women)
  • Item Number: 1120BG (Girls)